Saturday, 16 October 2010


Helloo everyone,

well, this blog thing hasn't really gone to plan has it? Kanda internet was pants sooo couldnt stay signed on long enough to update it. So Kandas over sadly, I'm in Rishikesh now, after a long 23 hours of bumpy off road buses through the himalayas full of chickens and goats, seriously! and a mental hour on a train with some awesome hindu dude with a big beard who kept trying to sleep on me and talk to me in hindi super excitedly about naveratri ha! i learned a lot from Kanda, patience is certainly something i have picked up on from the school, and still need to work on. i definatly still don't want to go into teaching, but it was fun, the kids aged between 9 and 11 in small remote Indian villages are a lot nicer than 9 to 11 years olds in England!there's just so much to write about, i can't explain it all, its overwhelming, but of all the things that have happened in the last 2 weeks or so, i guess i can be truly thankful for what i have at home, food, convenience, rice in packets!! its really been an eye opener. I'm looking forward to my three days in rishikesh now though, i have a little room mate in the form of a lizard, i think i may name him harish after a little kid at the school, who every morning asked me my name, lol. or Geoffry, so that the name lives on after the goat! tomorrow i am treating myself to a full Indian body and head massage followed by milk and honey bath in some posh hotel, im not staying there just thought id splash out, and they have a pool and spa overlooking the river so i shall take advantage of that! then im going to celebrate the end of naveratri, i randomly started already today with some people who live where im staying, i only went to tell the owner i had no electric and he was all come come sit, and off we went chanting and throwing stuff into the fire! great stuff!! im not getting religious in anyway don't worry, but this place has opened my eyes to alll the fantastic ways to be thankful and hopeful for things, and if people want to chant or sing songs with drums, and throw stuff in rivers, im all for it, and you know me, i am one for colours and pretty looking things. then Monday, im gna hit the shops and the ganges big style i think before amristar which i am super super excited about, my hotel over looks the golden temple!!! so exciting! i wish i could write down every detail for you all, but im sure youll all hear it a million times over chaai when im back, i have a set now and the recipe so be prepared!!!
right, im gna head off and enjoy this sunset over the Ganges before more celebrating, and possiblly pizza for tea which i spotted over the way from my inn much love xxx

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