Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Delhi baby

So I'm back in Delhi, wooo hooo I love this place, its an actual mission just to do anytin, my driver changed my trip slightley so i get to spend a whole day in this rat race, actual rats too ha! Had an awesome few days since i last wrote, ranthebore was ace, im not sure if i saw a tiger but hey ho, it was a good ride into the jungle and saw a croc! i learnt how to play shit head with some lads from kiddy! you come all this way and still meet people from just up the road insaaane, and yesterday i saw the taj mahal. yeah it was ace and beautiful, but i still preferred the golden temple. i cant say it took my breath away, but its nice that someone can love someone so much to build such a fuck off grave yard basically! ive grown to dislike indians a bit the last day or so, not all indians or india, i love the country the culture but i have about 5 pet hates of indian men...
1. learn to pick your feet up when you walk! you will wear  your shoes out and it is annoying, i know your coming when you walk, you will nevr be a stealth master fool!\
2. ok, when you comment on somenes body modification or item of clothing, you dont say, oh so you like said thing under compliment. for example, ooh i see your tattoos veeery good , soo yooueeer like th tattuuu? no you dick shit i dispise tattoos!!! moron!
3. it is my choice what is beeautiful dont bloody tell me what is beatiful or not, no your marble elephant is no more beatiful than the last, nor is your beatiful fine quality fabric no more beatiful that the last one you told me was beautiful, isnt it my opinion if im buying someing if it is beatiful jeeesus!!
4. its rude to stare, i think ive covered this one before ha\
5. when you ask if youd like anyting else, it is not somethiiink it is would you like anything else maaam, and if i say no i think i mean no

indians are the ultimate salesmen, good for them, ive been conned n ripped off galore this week but hey ho, 2 days time ill be back home eating toast love it! peace out! xxx

Friday, 22 October 2010

so so bit

I love India, but you know what i actually hate? How bloody itchy i am, seriously, how can i be bit so much, my legs are covered and ive been wearing trousers fro the last 48 hours my chest has 2 bites, and im not even exposed serously?! i'd rather be sunburnt... no id rater not be sunburnt at all. but i have a slight tan! yes! paley pink face is tanned haha! its not the worlds gretest tan, but for me, its impressive.

anyhow enough of my lumpy brown itchy skin. currently in Pushkar, a city which i never really gave much thought to back home but my trusty travel agent booked me in to this place originaly after seeing jaipur, but i was picked up today after a comfortable overnight train journey from amritsar to delhi, and my driver said hed arranged to go to pushkar first cuz it just made sense, cool ok! So 9 hours later in another hotish, car journey, but with a really good book he just happened to have in the car, we arrived just in time to see the sun set over the holy lake in the centre of the city. Pushkar is holy to the hindus as brama is said to have dropped the lotus flower here when making the world. and, the lake is full of bones from people after their bodies are burnt, nice eh? it also has the only temple dedicated to brama in the world, which is kinda hard to believe as he is a big deal in their religion but hey ho shal be checking that out tomorrow along with the mandatory knick nack shopping which has to be done.

Amritsar blew me away, no actually, the golden temple blew me away, the city, not so much, ok, im a white girl, i get it stop staring, i knew it would happen and its cool, but you know, your there to look at the temple not mee!! i did however pick up some fab shoes, knocked the bugger down from 1200rs to 300 score!

So I don't really know what else to write today, other than I'm tired and its totally time for bed and a look out of balcony maybe with a sneaky chaai if the restaurant is open still! this hotel is lovely, wish i was staying longer but hey ho jaipur and elephants and tigers and taj mahals call

Oooh I do no what i wanna say, and i thnk i've already said it, but well, everyone keeps saying, oooh im so jealous, of you for being there, oooh yours so lucky to be there. yes i am lucky to be here, ive worked hard to save and afford to be here and will continue to work hard to pay of the debts i have accrued! but i am even luckier to be coming home to such amazing friends family and place to live. ok wolverhampton and birmingahm can be pretty lame, but we have it so good people! we have materesses, food at our disposal at any time of day, you know, we have it all, we're all the lucky ones!

Ok peace out till next time xxx

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Helloo everyone,

well, this blog thing hasn't really gone to plan has it? Kanda internet was pants sooo couldnt stay signed on long enough to update it. So Kandas over sadly, I'm in Rishikesh now, after a long 23 hours of bumpy off road buses through the himalayas full of chickens and goats, seriously! and a mental hour on a train with some awesome hindu dude with a big beard who kept trying to sleep on me and talk to me in hindi super excitedly about naveratri ha! i learned a lot from Kanda, patience is certainly something i have picked up on from the school, and still need to work on. i definatly still don't want to go into teaching, but it was fun, the kids aged between 9 and 11 in small remote Indian villages are a lot nicer than 9 to 11 years olds in England!there's just so much to write about, i can't explain it all, its overwhelming, but of all the things that have happened in the last 2 weeks or so, i guess i can be truly thankful for what i have at home, food, convenience, rice in packets!! its really been an eye opener. I'm looking forward to my three days in rishikesh now though, i have a little room mate in the form of a lizard, i think i may name him harish after a little kid at the school, who every morning asked me my name, lol. or Geoffry, so that the name lives on after the goat! tomorrow i am treating myself to a full Indian body and head massage followed by milk and honey bath in some posh hotel, im not staying there just thought id splash out, and they have a pool and spa overlooking the river so i shall take advantage of that! then im going to celebrate the end of naveratri, i randomly started already today with some people who live where im staying, i only went to tell the owner i had no electric and he was all come come sit, and off we went chanting and throwing stuff into the fire! great stuff!! im not getting religious in anyway don't worry, but this place has opened my eyes to alll the fantastic ways to be thankful and hopeful for things, and if people want to chant or sing songs with drums, and throw stuff in rivers, im all for it, and you know me, i am one for colours and pretty looking things. then Monday, im gna hit the shops and the ganges big style i think before amristar which i am super super excited about, my hotel over looks the golden temple!!! so exciting! i wish i could write down every detail for you all, but im sure youll all hear it a million times over chaai when im back, i have a set now and the recipe so be prepared!!!
right, im gna head off and enjoy this sunset over the Ganges before more celebrating, and possiblly pizza for tea which i spotted over the way from my inn much love xxx

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Today's my last day in Delhi before I go to Kanda for the volunteer project, a part of me says thank god its over! but I'm kinda sad too to be leaving this mental place! I've met some lovely people and seen some amazing sights. Wednesday, I can't remember if I wrote but I did a taxi tour of the big mosques and temples in Delhi and visited Gandhi's home/museum and where he was killed, and those places completely blew me away such beautfiul places and so serene and calm in this crazy place, and the faith these people have in their beliefs, when really, they don't have much to be thankful for. Theres so much poverty, slums, filth, but yet so many people are friendly, yeah they probably only want money, but hobos in London aren't like it, council flat people aren't like it, where they are given all this free money, people out here really have to work for it. I went to the post office yesterday, and this old man, in rags pretty much took a good 10 minutes carefully wrapping up a parcel i wanted to post, I mean, he was so precise in measuring up the cloth, tearing it neatly, sewing it around my parcel and then wax sealing it, it made just a simple parcel look beautiful, I just hope it gets home ok! Then, at the other end of things, not even the other end, literally 20 yards from slums and family's there are these amazing hotels with all the facilities you could every imagine, for us westerners to gorge in, whatever people say about India about being so rich, yet so poor, is so so true, I've seen it now. I'm not even half way into this trip yet am starting to feel pretty thankful for things.

Ok, its waffle time, I still can't get up photos, and i can't really be arsed, I've been in here ages now and its time to move on I feel now its getting cooler. I'm off to old Delhi now to sort my train out for tonight, then going to try and get to this other temple which is supposed to be pretty good. hopefully be able to post in the week, but its volunteer time now, it could be a bit too remote for Internet so peace out till then, much love xxx

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


So I'm here, I actually got in the plane in Brum and made it to Delhi via Dubai. Dubai was amaaazing, I want to go back, its incredible, the people are so nice, its clean, its sparkly and the buildings are amazing! I didnt get to see the man made islands, other than in the plane,which i guess is the best way to see them but I did go into the desert and the gold markets, pretending to be getting married is fun for haggling ha!

Right now, its 11.08 delhi time, its hot, well kinda hot, the fans blowing on me, we'll see what kind of oven tempratures hit me when i go outside. I think at home, its like 4.30, india is about 5.5 hours in front so wakey wakey everyone rise and shine!!

Today, I'm going to get a tour taxi so i know roughly where to go and now to go, you know me, I can't be trusted to walk to far without gettig mega lost. And I need to find a post office, that should be fun. Oh yeah, I've made a friend already, his name is G, and he is a gecko who lives on my shutter at night, he's a dude.

Much love xxx

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The beginning, and the end...

Hey hey,
well this is my first blog entry, currently waiting for my baby to be bounded; my acoustics project which has been the bane of my life for lk 9 months... it's been born today!!! How about that! Today and tomorrow kind of mark the end of a lot of things for me, uni, PCT work... but the start of some complete crazy new adventures. Its exciting, kinda scary, but hopefully you'll enjoy keeping up with it on here over the next month or so. Peace out until next time xxx