Saturday, 2 October 2010


Today's my last day in Delhi before I go to Kanda for the volunteer project, a part of me says thank god its over! but I'm kinda sad too to be leaving this mental place! I've met some lovely people and seen some amazing sights. Wednesday, I can't remember if I wrote but I did a taxi tour of the big mosques and temples in Delhi and visited Gandhi's home/museum and where he was killed, and those places completely blew me away such beautfiul places and so serene and calm in this crazy place, and the faith these people have in their beliefs, when really, they don't have much to be thankful for. Theres so much poverty, slums, filth, but yet so many people are friendly, yeah they probably only want money, but hobos in London aren't like it, council flat people aren't like it, where they are given all this free money, people out here really have to work for it. I went to the post office yesterday, and this old man, in rags pretty much took a good 10 minutes carefully wrapping up a parcel i wanted to post, I mean, he was so precise in measuring up the cloth, tearing it neatly, sewing it around my parcel and then wax sealing it, it made just a simple parcel look beautiful, I just hope it gets home ok! Then, at the other end of things, not even the other end, literally 20 yards from slums and family's there are these amazing hotels with all the facilities you could every imagine, for us westerners to gorge in, whatever people say about India about being so rich, yet so poor, is so so true, I've seen it now. I'm not even half way into this trip yet am starting to feel pretty thankful for things.

Ok, its waffle time, I still can't get up photos, and i can't really be arsed, I've been in here ages now and its time to move on I feel now its getting cooler. I'm off to old Delhi now to sort my train out for tonight, then going to try and get to this other temple which is supposed to be pretty good. hopefully be able to post in the week, but its volunteer time now, it could be a bit too remote for Internet so peace out till then, much love xxx

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