Wednesday, 29 September 2010


So I'm here, I actually got in the plane in Brum and made it to Delhi via Dubai. Dubai was amaaazing, I want to go back, its incredible, the people are so nice, its clean, its sparkly and the buildings are amazing! I didnt get to see the man made islands, other than in the plane,which i guess is the best way to see them but I did go into the desert and the gold markets, pretending to be getting married is fun for haggling ha!

Right now, its 11.08 delhi time, its hot, well kinda hot, the fans blowing on me, we'll see what kind of oven tempratures hit me when i go outside. I think at home, its like 4.30, india is about 5.5 hours in front so wakey wakey everyone rise and shine!!

Today, I'm going to get a tour taxi so i know roughly where to go and now to go, you know me, I can't be trusted to walk to far without gettig mega lost. And I need to find a post office, that should be fun. Oh yeah, I've made a friend already, his name is G, and he is a gecko who lives on my shutter at night, he's a dude.

Much love xxx

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The beginning, and the end...

Hey hey,
well this is my first blog entry, currently waiting for my baby to be bounded; my acoustics project which has been the bane of my life for lk 9 months... it's been born today!!! How about that! Today and tomorrow kind of mark the end of a lot of things for me, uni, PCT work... but the start of some complete crazy new adventures. Its exciting, kinda scary, but hopefully you'll enjoy keeping up with it on here over the next month or so. Peace out until next time xxx