Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Delhi baby

So I'm back in Delhi, wooo hooo I love this place, its an actual mission just to do anytin, my driver changed my trip slightley so i get to spend a whole day in this rat race, actual rats too ha! Had an awesome few days since i last wrote, ranthebore was ace, im not sure if i saw a tiger but hey ho, it was a good ride into the jungle and saw a croc! i learnt how to play shit head with some lads from kiddy! you come all this way and still meet people from just up the road insaaane, and yesterday i saw the taj mahal. yeah it was ace and beautiful, but i still preferred the golden temple. i cant say it took my breath away, but its nice that someone can love someone so much to build such a fuck off grave yard basically! ive grown to dislike indians a bit the last day or so, not all indians or india, i love the country the culture but i have about 5 pet hates of indian men...
1. learn to pick your feet up when you walk! you will wear  your shoes out and it is annoying, i know your coming when you walk, you will nevr be a stealth master fool!\
2. ok, when you comment on somenes body modification or item of clothing, you dont say, oh so you like said thing under compliment. for example, ooh i see your tattoos veeery good , soo yooueeer like th tattuuu? no you dick shit i dispise tattoos!!! moron!
3. it is my choice what is beeautiful dont bloody tell me what is beatiful or not, no your marble elephant is no more beatiful than the last, nor is your beatiful fine quality fabric no more beatiful that the last one you told me was beautiful, isnt it my opinion if im buying someing if it is beatiful jeeesus!!
4. its rude to stare, i think ive covered this one before ha\
5. when you ask if youd like anyting else, it is not somethiiink it is would you like anything else maaam, and if i say no i think i mean no

indians are the ultimate salesmen, good for them, ive been conned n ripped off galore this week but hey ho, 2 days time ill be back home eating toast love it! peace out! xxx

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